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A Journey of Dreams: Little Kites Experience the Journey of a Lifetime Courtesy by Ellazia

Kozhikode: In a heartwarming initiative orchestrated by Ellazia, a clothing brand dedicated to spreading kindness and empowerment, 66 remarkable individuals of buds school located at perambra including students, teachers, and parents, embarked on a transformative journey that transcended the ordinary and kindled the flames of hope and aspiration. Each student, with their own unique abilities and challenges, was accompanied by devoted guardians, all united by a shared dream of soaring through the skies.


The day began early on March 26th, at 6.00 am, as the sun cast its first golden rays over Perambra. Thirty eager students, brimming with excitement, boarded a bus bound for Kochi, their anticipation palpable in the crisp morning air. students facing challenges such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Intellectual Disability, and Down Syndrome disease, adding depth to their remarkable journey.


As the wheels turned and the landscape shifted, laughter bubbled forth, filling the bus with a contagious sense of joy and camaraderie. Along the journey, amidst the picturesque vistas and winding roads, the students forged bonds that transcended words. They shared stories, dreams, and simple pleasures, finding solace and strength in each other’s company.


Amidst shared snacks and spontaneous sing-alongs, the bus became a sanctuary of happiness and unity, where disabilities faded into the background, and only the pure essence of humanity remained. By midday, the bus arrived at Kochi Lulu Mall, a bustling hub of activity and excitement. Here, the students embarked on a voyage of discovery, their eyes wide with wonder as they explored the myriad delights the mall had to offer.


From gleaming storefronts to tantalizing aromas wafting from food stalls, every sight, sound, and scent sparked delight and curiosity. The journey continued with a thrilling metro ride from Lulu to Aluva, where the students marveled at the cityscape unfolding beneath them. Their faces pressed against the windows, they watched with awe as the world whizzed by, each passing moment a testament to the boundless possibilities that awaited them. Upon arriving at Cochin International Airport, the participants were greeted with a warm welcome and overwhelming support from airport authorities. Special gates were opened, and every effort was made to ensure their comfort and convenience.


The collaboration with Team Indigo, known for their exemplary service and dedication, added an extra layer of care and assistance, making the journey even more memorable. The graciousness of the Indigo air hostesses left an indelible mark, turning what could have been a routine journey into a cherished memory.




As the day drew to a close, the students boarded their flights to Kannur, their hearts soaring with gratitude and joy. From Kannur, they returned to Perambra, their spirits lifted and their minds filled with memories of a day that defied expectations and surpassed imagination.


In the end, it was not just the flight of dreams that left a lasting impression but the human connections forged along the way. Through shared laughter, shared tears, and shared moments of triumph, these extraordinary students reminded us all of the power of compassion, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit. Guided every step of the way by the unwavering support of the Ellazia team, including Dr. Frelbin Rahman (CEO Ellazia), Midhun Laj(Director Ellazia) Amal Laj(Director Ellazia) ,U C Haneefa (Panjayath Member), and Baiju Aayidathil.


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