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Action TESA Leads the Way: Pioneering the Panel Wood Revolution “Innovation, Quality, and Customer Satisfaction: Action TESA’s Commitment to Redefining the Panel Wood Industry”

In the ever-evolving narrative of the wood industry, Action TESA stands out not just as a brand but as a dynamic force, propelling the sector into a new era of innovation and customer satisfaction.

In the dynamic realm of panel wood, Action TESA has not only established itself as a key player but as a trailblazer, rewriting the norms of innovation and customer-centricity. A decade ago, Action TESA embarked on a journey to redefine the Engineered Wood (MDF) industry with the revolutionary Action TESA HDHMR. This groundbreaking innovation not only reshaped the landscape but also redefined standards in terms of quality, convenience, and durability. The industry embraced the ready-to-use pre-laminated boards, liberating consumers from concerns about hardware instability and inconsistent wood density issues.


Building on this momentum, Action TESA introduced Action TESA BOILO, addressing persistent challenges of borers and termites in the wood segment. BOILO, with its boiling waterproof and fire-retardant properties, not only fulfills consumer needs but also elevates the entire engineered wood category. This move solidifies Action TESA’s position as a category leader, offering solutions that surpass conventional expectations. At the core of Action TESA’s success lies an unwavering commitment to quality. By producing all products in-house, utilizing top-notch fiber materials, and maintaining stringent quality control measures, the company earns trust and loyalty among customers. Action TESA’s dedication to efficient delivery, powered by the latest technology, ensures a transparent and swift experience, enhancing its reputation and competitiveness.

“Action TESA has always strived to be at the forefront of innovation in the panel wood industry. As we continue to lead the panel wood revolution, our focus remains unwavering on pioneering solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of our customers. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction drives us to continually push boundaries and redefine standards,” says Mr. Ajay Aggarwal, Managing Director, Action TESA.

Action TESA’s adoption of robust enterprise resource planning tools was a pivotal step towards reaching customers in a more streamlined manner. This comprehensive system seamlessly integrates manufacturing, sales, supply chain management, and financial accounting, reinforcing the company’s customer-centric ethos and enhancing service transparency.

Beyond present success, Action TESA is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the wood industry. By consistently developing new products, leveraging advanced manufacturing technology, and maintaining a customer-first approach, the company not only stays at the forefront of industry trends but also builds lasting relationships with customers based on loyalty and trust.


About ACTION TESA: The manufacturing unit of Balaji Action Buildwell (Action TESA) is located at Sitarganj, Uttarakhand, and the corporate office is located in New Delhi.  Action TESA has many milestones to its credit. Starting with being India’s 1st and only brand to install, 7th generation Contiroll from Seimpelkamp GmbH & Co., Germany. With the expansion, Action TESA has become the biggest MDF manufacturer in India with an annual Production Capacity of 7,50,000 CBM. 
•    Accredited for installing the first thin MDF/HDF plant in India
•    Largest company in Panel Industry of India
•    Introduced the DOME Technology in India, unique to every product.
•    Distinction of installing the first True HDF Based Laminate Wooden Flooring manufacturing facility in India
•    Introduced UV High Gloss Panel for the first time in India.
Further the company is committed to continue adding innovative products to the Indian Interior Infrastructure Industry viz. HDHMR, HDHMR Door, AC-5 HDF Laminated Flooring and, Boilo- BWP FR HDF, OrnaMatte.
Website: www.actiontesa.com
Price: On Request |Availability: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and all major cities across India, Dubai, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan through a wide distribution network.     
Head Office: Action TESA, Balaji Action Buildwell, G-11, Udyog Nagar, Main Rohtak Road, New Delhi-110041, India