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Apple CEO Tim Cook refers to mass layoffs as a "last resort" in the year 2023 due to recessionary concerns

Layoffs 2023: Apple CEO Tim Cook allegedly referred to layoffs as a “last resort” as widespread layoffs in the tech industry continued. Cook has said that eliminating positions and terminating employees is the last choice, despite the fact that Apple is also navigating rough seas like its competitors Google, Amazon, etc.

IANS reports that despite Apple CEO Tim Cook's assurances that no workers would be let go, the business has halted recruiting and made other cost-cutting measures. Tim Cook also said to CNBC that “mass layoffs is not something we're talking about at this time,” the article continues.

According to the story, Cook also discussed Apple's increased hiring “prudence.” “We're still hiring, but at a slower rate than we were previously. Tim Cook was reported by IANS as stating, “And we're doing all the right things by questioning the things that we spend, and we're simply finding a few more ways to save on it.

There were a relatively modest number of layoffs in Apple's corporate and retail operations, despite recent media rumours to the contrary. Additionally, it is said to have postponed staff incentives.

The publication's study does note, though, that Apple did not employ as much during the epidemic as other tech juggernauts did. As a result, the iPhone manufacturer is in a better position to avoid mass layoffs than its international competitors, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook parent company Meta, etc.

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