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Awesome TV founder Ritesh Parikh just celebrated celebrities, PRs & journalists with a one-of-a-kind event

Ritesh Parikh, the innovative founder of Awesome TV, recently hosted a lavish gathering that captured the attention of the media world. This US-based entrepreneur is renowned for his grand events, and this latest celebration was no exception, drawing an elite crowd of PR professionals, celebrities, and journalists. The event was a dazzling display of glamour and excitement, solidifying Ritesh’s reputation as a master of memorable gatherings.

The evening sparkled with glitz, glamour, and musical magic, headlined by the immensely talented singer Shibani Kashyap, whose melodious voice and dynamic stage presence captivated the audience. The event was graced by several prominent figures from the entertainment sector, including Lekha Prajapati, Rajiv Roda, Varsha Hegde, Monikka Singh, Sonal Panwar, Abbas Ghaznavi, and Amit Soni.

Adding to the event’s prestige were illustrious personalities like producer Bisent Singh, whose creative contributions have left a significant mark on the industry, and directors Suraj Chitre and Koushish Varade, known for their innovative storytelling. The presence of noted media personalities like journalist and radio jockey RJ Divya Solgama, senior journalist Russel DSilva, and other prominent PR professionals from the media industry underscored the event’s significance.

Special Thanks to Sattie Persaud, David S. Zucker,  Ryan Verneuille, Priya Dhanda, Roxanne Seunarine, Bharat Gadhavi, Gul Khan, Prashant Golecha, Ritesh Srivastava & the backbone Purvi & Aaryan Parikh for always supporting. 

From the moment the esteemed guests arrived, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation and excitement. As the evening unfolded, the air was filled with laughter, lively conversations, and enthusiastic cheers, creating a joyous celebration of the industry’s camaraderie and collaborative spirit.

Ritesh Parikh went above and beyond to ensure every detail of the event was flawlessly orchestrated, from the exquisite cuisine to the stellar entertainment, aiming to create an unforgettable experience for all attendees. He shared his view of the media industry as a tightly-knit family that thrives on mutual appreciation and support. Highlighting the importance of recognizing each member’s contributions, Ritesh expressed his gratitude towards the community that has supported Awesome TV’s rise as a globally engaged and widely followed South Asian network based out of New York.

Moreover, Awesome TV’s Ritvik Asthana, Production India and Mrunal Gosavi, Business and Marketing India together with Astha Tripathi, a senior journalist, extended their heartfelt thanks to the PR & media companies for their invaluable support, emphasizing the teamwork and dedication that have propelled Awesome TV to success.

This spectacular event not only celebrated the achievements within the media and entertainment industries but also reinforced the strong bonds and collaborative spirit essential for ongoing success and innovation in the field.