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Celebrating Excellence: GIBS Business School Awards BBA and PGDM Students of the Year 2024

On a beautiful evening of April 30, 2024, at Vistar Resort in Mylasandra Dinne, Bengaluru, GIBS Business School, one of the top 10 MBA/PGDM colleges in Bangalore, hosted its prestigious annual ceremony to recognize and celebrate its Student of the Year 2024 from BBA and PGDM programs. Not only was this ceremony a platform to recognize the individual accomplishments of its students, but it also highlighted GIBS’ reputation of academic excellence, which was celebrated during this festive evening event.

Chief Guests Take Center Stage

Ritesh Goyal, MD GIBS Business School Bangalore

Ritesh Goyal was an integral figure at GIBS Business School’s inaugural Awards Gala on January 15, 2013. His address to attendees not only celebrated award winners’ successes but also underscored their school’s dedication to developing future business leaders. Goyal’s vision for GIBS as a hub of innovation and leadership education has had a lasting impact on its direction and reputation.

Dr. Jayanta Chakraborti, Dean and Principal of GIBS

Dr. Jayanta Chakraborti, Dean and Principal of GIBS, provided academic gravitas for this event through his speech focusing on academic rigor and application of knowledge to real world scenarios. Under his leadership at GIBS he has played an essential role in strengthening curriculum development while creating an atmosphere which challenges and motivates students.

Chetan Garga, Garga: Ex-MD & Country Head – ALLState India Pvt. Ltd.

Chetan Garga shared his extensive corporate experience, providing students with valuable insights into modern business management dynamics. His journey from corporate leader to influential figure in business education inspired many at GIBS to find practical ways to bridge academic theories with practical application.

T. Sathish Kumar, Founder & MD – Milky Mist Diary

T. Sathish Kumar of Milky Mist Diary provided an entrepreneurial view at the ceremony. His experience building his brand from the ground up served as a powerful example of perseverance and strategic thinking that provided practical lessons to any future entrepreneurs amongst the students present.

Ankur Agarwal, Co-Founder of Dunzo

Ankur Agarwal, Co-Founder of Dunzo, shared his insight into starting and scaling tech-driven startups in India. His emphasis on resilience and innovation as key aspects of entrepreneurship proved particularly insightful to students hoping to start new businesses.

Bharath Thippireddy, Entrepreneur, Actor & Motivational Speaker

Bharath Thippireddy, widely recognized for both his entrepreneurial success and acting talent, mesmerized audiences with his engaging storytelling. His dual careers highlighted the significance of versatility and passion when pursuing one’s professional goals.

The Guest of Honors delivered inspirational speeches focusing on perseverance, innovation, and leadership within today’s challenging business landscape. They congratulated students for their achievements and encouraged them to strive towards excellence in future endeavours.

Highlights from Our Event

Student Dance Performance

The evening kicked off with an impressive dance performance from GIBS students, showing both their academic prowess and artistic talents. Choreographed to an energetic mix of contemporary and traditional music, this lively opening act set a festive atmosphere and highlighted their ability to balance rigorous academic schedules with extracurricular activities—a testament to GIBS Business School in Bangalore’s holistic educational approach. This multifaceted training contributes to why GIBS is recognized as a top BBA placement college in Bangalore, preparing students comprehensively for both professional and personal success.

Chief Guest Kamlesh Patel’s Performance

Kamlesh Patel, best known for his participation in “Dance India Dance Season 2,” provided an unforgettable dance performance at this event, captivating the audience with his skillful Bollywood and freestyle dance routine that not only entertained but also inspired students through its dedication and passion for this art form.

Fashion Show by Students

Midway through the event, students took to the runway in a fashion show that showcased much more than stylish attire. This segment demonstrated their creativity and innovation by modeling outfits ranging from avant-garde to traditional fashion designs; representing different cultures and fashion sensibilities in the process. Furthermore, this fashion show provided students an outlet to express individualism as well as teamwork as many outfits were designed and created by them themselves!

Awards and Honors

Eshwar Rao LS – PGDM Student of the Year

Eshwar Rao LS shone among his peers to earn the J.P Goyal Memorial Award and become PGDM Student of the Year 2024. With academic rigor and leadership abilities that earned him this accolade, Eshwar was awarded both a trophy and cash prize of Rs 51,000 – testaments to his hard work in both academics and extracurriculars at GIBS Bangalore.

Rohit K, Academic Topper of PGDM

Rohit K was honored with the Shakuntala Devi Award 2024 for academic excellence in his PGDM program. His outstanding grades and consistent performance won him both a trophy and Rs 11,000. Rohit’s achievement highlights his analytical skills and mastery of complex business concepts – setting an excellent precedent for future cohorts.

Swathi N, Academic Second Topper of PGDM

Swathi N was honored with the Atal Bihari Vajpai Award as the second best academic topper of the PGDM program. Recognizing her hard work and deep knowledge, she received both a trophy and Rs 7,000 award as recognition of her academic prowess and perseverance as an inspiring role model among her peers.

Virmani Prerana Jitendra – BBA Student of the Year

Virmani Prerana Jitendra was awarded the J.P. Goyal Memorial Award in recognition of her excellence in BBA studies. As Student of the Year 2024 with Rs 21,000 and trophy in hand, Prerana demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities as well as dedication towards achieving excellence that distinguished her among her classmates.

Koushika P, Academic Topper of BBA

Koushika P was awarded with the Shakuntala Devi Award for leading her BBA class to academic success, receiving Rs 11,000 and a trophy as recognition of her hard work, resilience, and relentless quest for knowledge.

Jayasree G A, Academic Second Topper of BBA

Jayasree G A was honored to receive the Atal Bihari Vajpai Award as second top academic performer in her BBA program, receiving both a trophy and prize of Rs 7000 for her stellar academic record. These achievements show Jayasree’s strong analytical capabilities as well as an understanding of business management.


At the conclusion of the event, faculty, students and guests enjoyed a celebratory dinner and DJ set by Prem to commemorate its success. Faculty honored individual student achievements while celebrating collective spirit and ambition within the GIBS community. It was a truly memorable evening!

At its heart, this ceremony wasn’t simply about academic excellence but also celebrating young leaders’ journeys. As a top business school in Bangalore, GIBS Business School continues to nurture future leaders in an environment conducive to learning; their Student of the Year 2024 event demonstrated this.