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“Elshaddai World Records Festival 2024: A Celebration of Academic Excellence and Extraordinary Talent”

Pudukottai, April 2, 2024: Elshaddai Group of Schools is celebrating its fourth year of academic excellence by organizing the “Elshaddai World Records Festival 2024.” and the event, is scheduled to take place on April 4th and April 5th, will be held at the St. John’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School Campus.

Dr. Elgin Arose, Founder Chairman of the Elshaddai, detailed that, in a bid to mark this significant anniversary, our school has meticulously planned a spectacular event where diligent students will strive to set 25 individual World Records along with one Team World Record. These achievements will be certified by renowned institutions such as Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy, India Records Academy, and Tamilan Book of Records. With participants ranging from Pre-KG to Grade 12, the festival is set to showcase the talents of 575 students and 28 teachers. It serves as a testament to the institution’s unwavering commitment to nurturing India’s future generations, he further added.

Dr.A.Monalisha, Managing Trustee and Secretary of the Elshaddai Group of Schools, proudly stated that we fervently believe in cultivating not only the students’ intellectual prowess but also nurturing their extracurricular and co-curricular aptitudes. The record attempts will encompass a diverse range of fields, from the enrichment of LSRW skills to Fine Arts, Yoga, Sports, and Love for our society, showcasing the multifaceted talents of our treasured students, she further added.

P.Alexander, Correspondent, stated that the students are educated and trained in many aspects to perform their best in all means. There will be world record adjudicators from Different Countries and States in India to witness the Amazing Human Feat of our Students. The students will also be given the opportunity to meet and greet many International Delegates, National Delegates from other States, ISRO Scientists, and many more, he further stated.

Jainul Rizath, Grade-VIII, aims to set the record for the Longest Lecture Marathon in Social Sciences, spanning 14 hours, showcasing his ability to engage and educate, alongside Roshan Mohamed.J, of Grade-VIII, aims to set the record for the Most Shotput Throws (2 Kilograms) in 1 Hour, showcasing commitment to mastering the sport.

Esha Falon.E, Grade-IV, targets reviewing 25 books in 1 hour, aiming to achieve the record for Most Books Reviewed, reflecting her passion for reading and whereas Emi Falon E, of Grade-II, aims to set the record for “Most Digital Images Recalled by their Spellings using the Eidetic Memory Technique in 10 Minutes,” showcasing remarkable memory and linguistic skills at a young age.

Sulaiman.A, Grade-I, who aims to identify 150 Digital Images of Celestial Bodies in the Universe in the Fastest Time, showcasing remarkable cognitive aptitude, whereas Selvaganesh S, of Grade-VIII, aims to achieve the record for the Fastest Time to Assemble a Radio-Controlled Airplane Model.

Praganya.S, of Grade-III, aims for the title Fastest Time to Identify 100 Digital Images of Human Bones, Organ Systems, and Muscles, whereas Jason Beryl.E, of Grade-VII, aims for the title ‘Most Short Stories Published in a Book,’ fostering a love for storytelling and literature.

Jeslyn Shekinah.E, Grade-III, aims to set the record for the Most Amazing Facts of Various States and Provinces Recalled by Identifying Digital Maps in 10 Minutes, while Dhananya.R.P, a Grade-I student, aims to create the Largest Bottle Cap Mosaic, spanning 10.50 square meters with 7500 bottle caps in 4 different colors, within 32 hours, under the theme “My Vote My Future.”  

Rubika.C, Grade-III, endeavors to construct the Largest Origami Houses Mosaic, spanning 10.50 square meters with 7500 origami houses, advocating against “Stop Child Abuse.”, alongside Aatheesh Kannan, from Montessori-II, aspires to craft the Largest Pencil Box Mosaic, covering 15.75 square meters with 3600 pencil boxes, within 27 hours, promoting the concept of “Education for All.” 

Mohit.T, Grade-II, aims to complete the Most Dot-to-Dot Drawings in 1 hour, creating visually stunning images, while  Danvarsh Vasudevan, Montessori-I, aims to solve 75 picture puzzles in 20 minutes, setting the record for Most Puzzles Solved by a Pre-Schooler and Pranavi, Grade II-A, aims to recall 400 sight words in 5 minutes, setting the record for Most Sight Words Recalled. 

Dakshin Vasudevan, in LKG, aims to identify the maximum Digital Images of Animals by a Pre-Schooler in 4 minutes, alongside Sri Harshadraj M, in LKG, is aiming a record for Most Assorted Digital Images Identified in 4 Minutes, while Kavinesh E, of Grade-I, aims to achieve the record for the Fastest Time to Identify 150 Digital Images of National Flags.

Mohamed Jamil.A, of Grade-I, aims for the Most Logos Identified from Digital Images in 3 Minutes, and Sethumathavan, Grade-VI, will set a record for Most Amazing Facts Recalled about Various Images by an Individual (Minor-Male) in 10 Minutes. 

Mithun Pari.AR, of Grade-III, aims for the Fastest Time to Identify 150 Currencies, showcasing impressive recalling ability, memory skills, and speed. Tamizhini.K, of Montessori-I, will identify the Most Assorted Digital Images in 3 Minutes, demonstrating cognitive aptitude.

Hariharasuthan, of Grade-VII, aims to set the record for Most Yogasanas Performed on a Nail Bed in 15 Minutes, showcasing commitment to mastering yogasanas and physical strength, while Barkavi R, of Grade-IV, aims to set the record for the Most General Knowledge Questions Answered in 5 Minutes, showcasing a commitment to expanding knowledge.

Jeyavarshini, of Grade-VII, aims for the title “Most Facts of Various Continents Recalled by Identifying Digital Maps in 15 minutes,” demonstrating exceptional memory and understanding of global geography.

Dr.Sheik Abdullah, Dean of Elshaddai, stated that the Elshaddai series of world records serves as a testament to their ongoing commitment to excellence, creativity, and unity. With each new record, they continue to inspire and empower young minds, setting the stage for even more extraordinary accomplishments in the future.


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