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Farmers' unions and Khap leaders join the wrestlers, setting a deadline on May 21 for Brij Bhushan's arrest

The protesting wrestlers are advised by a 31-member committee made up of different farming leaders. On Sunday, the committee stated it would make a “significant decision” if WFI president Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh was not detained by May 21.

Vinesh Phogat, a wrestler, emphasised that farmers had not taken over their protest and that they had joined them in their “fight against injustice.”

Yesterday, as khap panchayat leaders marched towards the protest site where Olympians and award-winning wrestlers are on strike against Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) president Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh over sexual harassment allegations, security measures were tightened at Delhi's Jantar Mantar as well as on the borders of the capital city.

Yesterday there was also a candle march.

Rakesh Tikait of the Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU), Mehar Singh of Khap Maham 24, and Baldev Singh Sirsa of the Sankyut Kisna Morcha (non-political) joined the wrestlers on the dias and talked to the media.

“A large number of Khap panchayat and SKM leaders were present today. We determined that participants from each khap would visit the protest location each day. Before a sizable crowd, Mr. Tikait said, “They will remain here throughout the day and return by the evening.

“The wrestlers' committee will handle the protest, and we will provide outside support for the wrestlers. The 21st of May is the date set for our meeting. We will develop our next plan if the government doesn't provide a solution, he continued.

“The entire nation stands behind the wrestlers if any emergency arises or if they encounter any difficulties.” Rapid Action Force (RAF) has been heavily deployed at the protest location, where numerous khap chiefs and farmers have joined the disgruntled wrestlers.

The dhoti-kurta-wearing farmers with turbans were seen at the protest site on Sunday while a “Mahapanchayat” deliberated the wrestlers' future course of action. The protest by farmers, which lasted for 13 months until the government rescinded the legislation, was reminiscent of these events.

The seven female complainants' statements have been recorded by the Delhi Police in accordance with section 161, but those made in accordance with section 164 (before a magistrate) of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) have not yet been recorded.

The wrestlers have requested the resignation of Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) head Brij Bhushan after accusing him of sexually exploiting multiple female wrestlers over a period of time.

The tri-color has been disgraced, according to Mr. Tikait, and it won't be permitted. He said that it would take time and may affect the whole nation but that “we will help the wrestlers in every possible way.” “As of right now, Jantar Mantar will continue to be a protest location. The demonstration will pick up steam and spread. We need to be ready for a protracted war, he said.

“This is a non-political group; this is not a political protest. However, a small number of lawmakers have come out in favour of the wrestlers, crossing party lines, said Mr. Sirsa, adding, “We have also agreed that we would press the government to arrest Brij Bhushan. The wrestlers will continue to fight in the same manner in which farmers waged the war (against agricultural regulations).

“I ask that the authorities refrain from testing our endurance. In reference to the farmers' success in having the agricultural rules overturned, Sirsa stated, “They had tested us some time before and we had passed the exam.

The world championship medalist Vinesh Phogat also made a suggestion that if their requests are not honoured, the protest can grow in size. If a solution is not found by May 21, we may make a significant decision. No one has taken control of our demonstration; instead, more individuals have joined us in our struggle against injustice. These folks value our dignity and respect us, she remarked.

“This struggle of ours may resonate with all women. Our supporters have strengthened us. We are prepared to battle. She responded in the negative when asked whether they are psychologically equipped to forego training and competition for an extended period of time.

“We will absolutely compete. We'll create a strategy on how to approach it. Without a doubt, we'll enter contests. We just ask that Brij Bhushan be detained first, and then we will demand that he be questioned, she stated.

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