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Here’s How Conquest, BITS Pilani is Accelerating India’s Most Promising Startups 

Startup accelerators are instrumental in transforming innovative ideas into successful enterprises. They provide essential resources, mentorship, and funding, supporting startups through the initial and often turbulent phases of business development. 


One exemplary program is Conquest, India’s first and largest student-run startup accelerator, seeing 3000+ startup registration from across the country every year. Distinct from traditional models, Conquest has a zero-cost, zero-equity approach, enhancing startups with substantial cash grants without claiming any ownership stakes. The team of 25 students running Conquest from a small room in BITS Pilani, have successfully disbursed over 1 Crore as equity-less grants in just the last 3 years. 


The program culminates in a closed-door Demo Day in Bangalore, serving as both a finale and a crucial platform for startups to showcase their ideas to top-tier attendees from leading unicorns and VC firms. Last edition’s Demo Day attracted industry leaders such as Pranav Pai (3One4 Capital), Sameer Brij Verma (Nexus Venture Partners), and Sanjay Dasari (WayCool), along with over 300 other attendees from prominent unicorns, VC firms, and media houses. 



Conquest has a track record of supporting startups that continue to shape the future in various industries. Here are some notable examples: 

Thinkerbell Labs 

Thinkerbell Labs is revolutionizing education for the visually impaired with their innovative product, Annie. This device is the first of its kind to enable self-learning for Braille, incorporating interactive and engaging methodologies that significantly enhance the learning process. 

Conquest was an early believer for them. After winning Conquest 2016, the equity-less cash grant helped them scale up and reach a wider audience. With a fresh view of the ecosystem after the numerous mentorship sessions they received, Thinkerbell Labs saw exponential growth. 

Having appeared on Shark Tank India, Thinkerbell Labs secured significant funding that has been instrumental in scaling their operations. Thinkerbell labs were recently lauded by PM Narendra Modi and are one of the fastest growing accessibility companies in the country. 


Green Tiger Mobility 

Green Tiger Mobility is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution with its innovative EV Kit. This kit retrofits existing petrol two-wheelers, transforming them into efficient hybrids with features like a custom-designed battery, BMS, and vehicle control unit.


Valued at $5.17 million in 2022, Green Tiger Mobility is making significant strides in sustainable transportation. Their unique approach not only preserves existing vehicle frameworks but also enhances them with clean technology, providing a practical solution to reduce carbon emissions. 

The support from Conquest, particularly after winning the Pan-India track at Conquest ’21, was instrumental for Green Tiger Mobility. The program’s mentorship helped them refine their technology and business strategy, while access to Conquest’s broad network of tech innovators and investors propelled their visibility and facilitated subsequent growth phases. 


Glovatrix is pioneering the field of wearable technology with products specifically designed to aid communication for the speech and hearing impaired. Their innovative devices translate sign language into spoken word in real-time, breaking down barriers in communication and enhancing social interactions for those with speech and hearing challenges. 

Winning Conquest ’23, Glovatrix gained significant recognition, propelling their mission forward. This achievement underscored their commitment to technological innovation and social impact, spotlighting the vital need for inclusive communication tools. 

The backing from Conquest was instrumental in securing additional funding for Glovatrix. With grants totaling over 75 lakhs from government sources, they were able to enhance their product development and expand their reach. 

Greenpod Labs 

Greenpod Labs is addressing critical issues in agriculture with innovative post-harvest solutions that significantly extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Their active packaging sachets trigger natural defense mechanisms within produce, maintaining quality during storage and transport. This technology not only reduces food waste but also increases the efficiency of agricultural supply chains. 

As the second runner-up at Conquest ’23, Greenpod Labs demonstrated their potential and commitment to revolutionizing food preservation. Leveraging the connections they formed during Conquest, Greenpod Labs expanded rapidly and saw a refined business strategy and a well thought out growth plan. 

Conquest is all set for its 20th edition and is looking for the most promising early-stage startups from across the country which will form an exclusive cohort. To become a part of this transformative ecosystem dedicated to your success, register now at conquest.org.in.