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How can Astrology Help to Gain Mental Peace: Karandeep Singh


Feeling out of whack? Maybe the stars can help! Forget scary prophecies – astrology isn’t just about what’s written in the stars, it’s about deep down. This article unlocks the secret stash of calm you in this ancient art. We’ll ditch the fortune-cookie predictions and dive into how planets and signs can actually help you chill out on the inside, one cosmic whisper at a time. Discover how your birth chart is like a personal roadmap to serenity, learn how planets on the move can affect your mood, and pick up some easy-breezy tips to navigate life’s ups and downs with more cosmic cool. So, grab your favorite cozy blanket and buckle up for a trip through the galaxy of peace – your inner zen awaits!

Every person today is in a race & fighting a competitive battle. If he/she gets defeated then it leads to problems related to mental health issues like depression/ anxiety/ fear. As per Astrology, the main reason for issues related to Mental peace is because of the planet Moon. Our thinking process depends upon the planet Moon. When the Moon gets afflicted in our horoscope then our peace of mind gets disturbed & because of that planet Mercury also gets afflicted. (Mercury is the son of Moon). Both planets Moon & Mercury are the main reason for spoiling our mental peace.

When the planet Moon’s degree from Sun is less than 5 degree then Moon becomes weak & if there is conjunction or aspect of planets like Mercury/ Saturn/ Rahu/ Ketu which disturb moon further then there arises issues affecting mental peace of a person. Various issues can affect a person like Acute Depression/ Endogenous Depression/ Psychosis Diseases/ Schizophrenia/ Mania/ Loneliness/Anxiety/ Indecisiveness. Such combinations in Astrology reduce the Serotonin level in your brain which regulates your mood.

From Astrology point of view there are various remedies & suggestions to improve mental peace & provide relief –

  • If Moon becomes strengthened in your horoscope then all other 8 planets           also work favorable for you as all 8 planets are moving near the Moon only. First remedy to overcome mental peace if the Moon is afflicted in horoscope is through silver & water. People who face such issues are advised to drink more water & that too in silver glass.


  • To correct the Moon we need to take support of planet Mars. One should wear square silver piece (1’*1’) in a locket with a silver chain in their neck or carry a square silver piece in their pocket. Anything which is square shape is positive Mars.


  • If there is a conjunction of planets Mercury & Moon in your horoscope & planet Mars is afflicted in horoscope ex. placed in House No 4/8/12 & aspects this conjunction then person can face mental health issues & even fits. Astrology advises the remedy of planet Rahu or remedy of planet Mars to resolve the issue. Remedy of planet Rahu is donating red masoor dal or mustard seeds or even giving money to any sweeper often or can also donate radish with leaves in any religious place. Parallel a person can also sweep the     floor inside any religious place. Remedy of planet Mars here is to feed sweet chapatis made in clay oven or pan to street dogs on regular basis.


  • If planet Mercury is afflicted in your horoscope viz. placed in House- 3/8/9/12 specially or is less than 3 to 4 degree from Sun then to strengthen Mercury one should soak Sabut Moong dal in water at night & next day feed to birds in the morning. When you do this remedy for some days then you shall find your Mercury better & you will start feeling happy.


  • If planet Rahu is afflicted in your horoscope viz. placed in Houses-1/5/7/8/9/12 it leads to issues related to mental peace. One should donate items related to Rahu viz. Radish with leaves/ Barley or Mustard seeds.
  • As per Astrology, one can also change direction of sleep. You should never keep your head towards the North/ West side while sleeping. Keep your head towards South/ East side while sleeping to reduce negative thoughts coming in your mind


  • Doing  Meditation or Pranayama- Taking deep breath & then holding for some time & then releasing breadth is best remedy to overcome issues like



  • Another important Astro remedy if you are not getting enough sleep & that is disturbing your mental health is to keep glass of water covered near your head side while sleeping at night & in the morning after sunrise pour it in plants. If you do this regularly then    planet Moon gets established near you & makes your feelings turn positive


  • Besides above specially for children if there are mental peace issues one should make them away from Mobile phones. Keep indulge in some activities- Indoor/ outdoor games.


  • Finally Music is a very effective remedy to overcome any mental health issues.


As you navigate the celestial tapestry of your own being, remember, true peace isn’t a destination, but a cosmic dance we learn to embrace. Whether your path is illuminated by fiery Martian action or the gentle grace of lunar introspection, each phase holds a lesson, a whisper of wisdom from the starry choir above. Let go of expectations and surrender to the rhythm of the universe. Use the tools gleaned from this astrological exploration – chart insights, planetary awareness, and practical tips – to navigate life’s currents with more grace and acceptance. With each moon cycle, each planetary shift, you’ll refine your inner compass, aligning your thoughts and emotions with the vibrant symphony of the cosmos. And in that alignment, you’ll discover a haven of tranquility within, a haven where the whispers of the stars orchestrate a melody of inner peace.

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