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Layam Group, a Trusted Partner for Industries Announces Its Strategic Expansion into Australia

New Delhi, April 23, 2024: Layam Group, a trusted partner in staffing, training, and contract manufacturing solutions, celebrated its 17th Founders’ Day emphasizing on sustainable yet scalable progress.  Highlighting its commitment to innovation, Layam announced plans to integrate digital AI across operations and embark on a strategic expansion into Australia with the opening of a new office in Melbourne. 

Since inception, Layam has consistently achieved impressive results. With a strong presence in more than 65 locations across India, Layam has skilled and deployed over 65,000 professionals, and established partnerships with more than 200 clients across all solutions. Today, Layam family has  over 13000 associates.

Commenting on Layam’s future, Mr. G.S Ramesh, Founder and Chairman, Layam Group, said, “We started Layam with an aim to bridge the critical gap between skilled talent and industry needs. Today, Layam has impacted many lives by helping them achieve their career dreams. On the other hand, our integrated sustainable staffing solutions has helped our clients achieve their goals, thereby distinguishing Layam as a partner in progress.”  Speaking about the company’s foray into international waters, he further added, “Our expansion into Melbourne will cement us as a global platform to connect talent with opportunities and create a reliable knowledge transfer across borders. Integrating AI into our operations promises another route for efficiency and upskilling in today’s turbulence-prone yet growth-bound market. By amplifying these efforts alongside our expanded CSR initiatives focused on education and employability, we will continue to stay true to our tagline of being the Catalyst for Growth in the evolving landscape of global talent development.”

Building upon these results, Layam is embracing the future with digital AI, across all operations. To further propel this initiative, Layam is set to expand its footprint into Melbourne, Australia. Layam’s strategic expansion entails the establishment of a new office in Melbourne and the provision of Layam’s best-in-class solutions to local clients.

This expansion addresses the disparity between skilled and under-skilled job seekers by providing them with the necessary training to pursue careers in manufacturing and allied industries. Layam will collaborate with local Australian partners to facilitate  knowledge transfer between both countries, fostering best practices and innovation. 

Additionally, Layam is committed to investing in the future and positively impacting the community through its C.S.R. arm, “Tarang”. Layam is committed to addressing the six pillars of the C.S.R. phase. These pillars include education, health, skill development, environment and sustainability, rural development, and cultural heritage. 

Implementing Layam’s CQP (Cost, Quality, Productivity) philosophy has substantiated the company’s history of ingenuity and excellence. Layam is committed to fostering the next generation through CSR initiatives, integrating digital AI, and expanding into Australia. As such, the company is steadfast in its determination to shape the future of talent development and generate enduring societal impact.