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New Report by Techmagnate Reveals Evolving Trends in Life Insurance Search Behavior

[New Delhi, India] – Techmagnate, a leading digital marketing agency, has released a report on Life Insurance Search Trends in India, in 2023. 

The life insurance industry is a vital aspect of financial security, providing individuals and families with a safety net against unforeseen events. 

As the industry continues to evolve, insurers are adapting to meet the changing needs and preferences of consumers. Life insurance search trends report by Techmagnate reveals valuable information about what people are searching for, how often they search, and the reasons behind their searches.

Based on comprehensive research and analysis of over 25,700 keywords, the report sheds light on what people are searching for in the life insurance industry. 

According to Sarvesh Bagla, CEO and Founder of Techmagnate – a leading SEO agency, the Life Insurance Search Trends Report is a valuable digital tool for insurance providers. Insights mentioned in the report can further enhance digital marketing strategies and better cater to evolving customer needs. 

“The 10.30 % increase in the overall searches for life insurance buckets signifies a growing audience waiting to be catered to. By leveraging these search trends the right way, companies can optimize their visibility, engage with consumers more effectively, and drive better business growth.”

Key Findings in the Life Insurance Search Trends Report

  • Overall Growth: The report highlights a robust 10.30% increase in the search volume for the life insurance keyword in 2023, underscoring the growing interest and demand for life insurance products and information among Indian consumers.
  • Brand vs. Non-Brand Searches: While brand queries continue to dominate search volume, witnessing a notable 9.61% growth, non-brand queries have surged significantly by 18.64%. This trend emphasizes the importance of both brand recognition and informational searches in influencing consumer decision-making.
  • Mobile Momentum: Mobile app searches have experienced a remarkable surge, with LIC Digital leading the charge with a staggering 28.39% growth. This shift underscores the increasing reliance on mobile devices for accessing life insurance services and information.
  • Regional Nuances: The report delves into regional variations, with Delhi emerging as the city with the highest search volume for life insurance among Tier 1 cities. Variances in search behavior across different regions underscore the need for localized marketing strategies tailored to specific audience preferences.
  • Vernacular Search Insights: Analysis of vernacular search volumes reveals interesting trends, with non-brand vernacular keywords witnessing a notable 19.06% growth in 2023, indicating the increasing adoption of regional languages in online search behavior.
  • Budget Bucket Analysis: The report highlights search volumes across different budget buckets, ranging from 1 Lakh to 10 Crores and above, providing insurers with valuable insights into consumer preferences and affordability considerations.
  • Proximity Searches (“Near Me”): The surge in “near me” searches, with a 32.10% increase in 2023, suggests a growing preference among consumers for locally available life insurance services and agents.

The Life Insurance Search Trends Report is a valuable resource for insurtech companies providing actionable insights to navigate the evolving digital landscape and achieve sustainable growth.

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