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Rahul Unnikrishnan : The Man behind Search Mera Job

Swasthika Infotech and Consultants a renowned company in the India, has launched two new products named Search Mera Job and Organic Eat. Both the products are PAN India based so consumers can use them from any part of India. 

Search Mera Job is the portal which helps people to find the jobs of their own choice. They provide high scholar jobs to everyone. Search Mera Job gets you your dream job. Their user friendly is very easy, you just have to make your profile and register on it. After that you will get jobs according to your likings. Once you register with the portal you’ll get the access for 15 days without even spending a single penny. After 15 days you have to recharge . The recharge starts with a package of 149 rupees. There are no additional or hidden charges in our portal. The job employers can post on Search Mera Job for job vacancy, this will be absolutely free. Search Mera Job is made to help the unemployed people. Search Mera Job is very easy to use to you must use it once and than you’ll see the results automatically. 

The next product which we launched is named as Organic Eats. Organic Eats have variety of products like home made pickle, home made turmeric, home made spices, home made pure virgin coconut oil. All the items are easily delivered to any place in India. All the products are very pure and home made. So you must try our product once. 

Rahul Unnikrishnan Pallath Sadhanam is the owner of Swasthika Infotech and Consultants. Rahul Unnikrishnan is his name and Pallath Sadhanam is his family name , it’s a small space for devotees of Kali and Shiva. He origins are from Thrissur Kodakara. He was very hardworking since his childhood. He has done his graduation in B-Tech. Everything which he has made till now is because of his own hard work and dedication. He wanted to become an actor and director, but he failed. He has done many small jobs in production houses. Than he has also worked as sale and purchase manager. In Kerala he decided to start Mayavee Vattamesha an online platform for food and cooking persons. He started this to do discussions about food , like social media for foodies and delivery of foods. He was very visionary, he started this before Zomato was launched in Kerala but  he failed in execution. Food Delivery concept was started in the year 2016 in Kerala but he thought about this idea way before that. Than after seeing so many failures in life he wanted to do something of his own, so he started Swasthika Infotech and Consultants. He launched Search Mera Job just because all his life he struggled to find a good job, and he also saw that the people around him were also struggling to find a good job so this was the inspiration behind starting this portal. The sole purpose of starting this portal was to help unemployed people. His journey is very inspiring one can learn so much from him. He took all the failures in a positive note and motivated himself to do more hard work. His sheer dedication is very commendable.