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Start Up Siddhiprad to focus on Health Essentials by dedicating to improve Human Health with Health Care Products.

New Delhi: 14th April 2024.  Siddhiprad®, a vitamin and supplement brand, announced today the launch of six new products to their health Care line: Vitamin C for Daily Energy†, Multivitamin for Daily Immune Support†, Ashwagandha for Daily fatigue Support†. and Green Fit for Daily Stress Support†. Siddhiprad main focus is on improving Human Health which is becoming challenge after kovid pandemic. Immune, Energy & Stress are becoming concern and required Quality Health Essentials to maintain good health. Siddhiprad Startup Steps Up in Health Essentials Amid Pandemic Crisis. Committed to enhancing human health, Siddhiprad focuses on delivering quality healthcare products. With concerns rising over immunity post-pandemic, the startup aims to address health challenges with affordable solutions. Co-founded by Purnima and Dr. Devvrat, the venture introduces six meticulously chosen products in the Health and Personal Care category with Immune, Energy and Stress Support. Dr. Devvrat’s personal involvement ensures product excellence, tackling the challenge of providing quality at accessible prices. Siddhiprad pledges to continue its mission, promising more innovative products in the pipeline to safeguard public health.


“Even as societal trends lean further into proactive health and wellness, it can be hard in today’s fast-paced world to consume all vitamins and minerals necessary for our bodies to function at their best – and prioritizing supplementation every day can be difficult, especially if the experience isn’t pleasant,” says Dr. Devvrat Raghuvanshi, Director at Siddhvidhya.


“We know that missing a dose likely means nutrient gaps aren’t closed that day, so we aim to encourage more consistent intake with product formulations that are nutrient-packed, enjoyable, and supportive of differing health needs. There is always a big challenge to provide Quality Product’s with affordable price. Dr. Devvrat was Personally involved into development of each product. Start Up Siddhiprad will bring many more such products in Near future.


About Siddhiprad

Siddhiprad is the leading vitamin and supplement broadline brand, with expertise of delivering high quality products that are backed by science. Aiming to become as the #1 Recommended vitamin and supplement brand*, Siddhiprad meet quality criteria for purity and potency. 


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About Siddhvidhya Agro India Pvt. Ltd.

Siddhvidhya is a Fast growing in the field of cultivations of organic vegetables. Export business of Rice and Maize to east African countries. Developing & Marketing products in the health and wellness industry, earning the trust of consumers, healthcare professionals and retailers by developing innovative vitamin and supplement solutions backed by science that adhere to strict manufacturing practices. Through its Siddhiprad@ brand, Siddhvidhya is dedicated to helping people live healthier, more vital lives. Based in Geater Noida (Delhi NCR), Visit at Siddhvidhya.com