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Textile Stocks In India – Are These Worth The Investments?

Unlock India’s vibrant textile industry with our guide to the best textile stocks. From established manufacturers, market leaders, contenders to innovative players shaping India’s textile landscape and discover investment opportunities in this dynamic sector.

Best Textile Stocks In India

Looking to invest in the textile industry? Explore our guide on Textile Stocks in India 

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The table below shows the top textile stocks in India based on their market capitalization.


Stock Name                                       Market Cap (Cr)         Closing Price (₹)

KPR Mill Ltd                                        26,147.06                    764.95

Vedant Fashions Ltd                           22,475.05                    925.40

Trident Ltd                                           18,995.91                    37.75

Swan Energy Ltd                                17,845.10                    569.30

Welspun Living Ltd                             14,348.83                    149.15

Alok Industries Ltd                              13,604.76                    27.40

Vardhman Textiles Ltd                        12,149.68                    420.15

Garware Technical Fibres Ltd                        6,591.11                      3,234.40

PDS Limited                                        6,221.20                      472.25

Arvind Fashions Ltd                            6,013.02                      452.30


KPR Mill Ltd

K.P.R. Mill Limited is a vertically integrated apparel manufacturing company with operations spanning yarn, fabric, garments, and sugar production, as well as wind power generation. The company’s segments include Textile, Sugar, and Others. In the Textile segment, it offers a diverse range of yarns, including compact, combed, melange, and polyester-cotton blends, among others. Fabric products encompass various knitted fabrics such as single jersey, interlock, rib, and fleece. K.P.R. Mill specializes in producing knitted garments for men, women, and children using different types of cotton and blends.

Vedant Fashions Ltd

Vedant Fashions Limited is an India-based company primarily involved in manufacturing, trading, and selling readymade ethnic wear for men, women, and children under various brand names such as Manyavar, Mohey, Mebaz, Twamev, and Manthan. Its focus lies on Indian wedding and celebration wear, offering a range of items including sherwanis, kurtas, lehengas, sarees, and accessories like juttis and safas. Operating in a single segment of branded fashion apparel and accessories, the company boasts a significant retail presence with over 600 stores across 200 cities in India and internationally, including 11 stores in the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Trident Ltd

Trident Limited, an India-based company, is engaged in the manufacturing, trading, and sale of textiles, including yarn, terry towels, and bedsheets, as well as paper and chemicals. The company operates through two segments: Textiles and Paper and Chemicals. In the Textile segment, Trident produces a variety of products such as yarn, towels, bedsheets, and dyed yarn. The Paper and Chemical segment includes the manufacturing of paper products like copier paper, writing and printing paper, and specialty papers, along with sulfuric acid production.

Swan Energy Ltd

Swan Energy Limited, an India-based company, operates across multiple sectors including textile, real estate, energy, and petrochemicals. Its segments encompass Textile, Energy, Construction/Others, Distribution & Development, Warehousing, Manufacturing, and Power Generation. The company’s business verticals include Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Manufacturing & Trading, Textiles, and Realty. Swan Energy is undertaking a greenfield liquefied natural gas (LNG) port project involving the development of LNG port facilities utilizing a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) for LNG receipt, storage, regasification, and send-out. 

Welspun Living Ltd

Welspun India Limited is a leading textile company based in India, primarily focusing on manufacturing home textile products. Its key offerings include terry towels, bed linen products, and rugs. The company operates through three main segments: Home Textiles, Power, and Flooring. The Home Textiles segment encompasses a wide range of products such as towels, bathrobes, rugs, bedsheets, and various types of bedding. In the Power segment, Welspun is involved in power generation, while the Flooring segment offers tiles and Grass tiles. The company provides diverse solutions including flooring solutions, advanced textiles, e-commerce, hospitality, and wellness.

Alok Industries Ltd

Alok Industries Limited is an integrated textile company based in India, engaged in textile manufacturing with a focus on both cotton and polyester verticals. The company operates through four divisions: spinning, polyester, home textiles, and apparel and fabric. It offers a wide range of products including accessories, apparel fabric, cotton and blended yarn, home textiles, polyesters, and more. With integrated business operations, Alok Industries caters to a diverse customer base worldwide, including global retail brands, importers, private labels, domestic retailers, garment and textile manufacturers, and traders.

Vardhman Textiles Ltd

Vardhman Textiles Limited is a vertically integrated textile manufacturer based in India, involved in the manufacturing, purchase, and sale of textiles. Its operations encompass cotton yarn, synthetic yarn, and woven fabric production. The company’s diverse businesses include yarns, fabrics, acrylic fiber, garments, collections, and special steel. In the yarn segment, it offers specialty yarns, acrylic, fancy and hand-knit yarns, dyed yarns, and grey yarns. Its fabric portfolio includes a variety of tops, bottoms, and outerwear for both men and women, available in solids, yarn-dyed, print, Dobies, and various performance finishes. 

Garware Technical Fibres Ltd

Garware Technical Fibres Limited, an India-based company, operates as a multi-divisional, multi-geographical technical textiles enterprise. Its diverse solutions cater to various sectors including aquaculture, fisheries, agriculture, coated fabrics, shipping and offshore, defense and government, sports, geo-synthetics, industrial, material handling, safety, and yarn and threads. The company’s business segments consist of Synthetic Cordage and Fibre and Industrial Products and Projects.

PDS Limited

PDS Limited, an India-based global fashion infrastructure company, offers comprehensive services including product development, sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution for brands and retailers worldwide. Its diverse operations encompass trading of garments, investment holding, design, development, marketing, sourcing, and distribution of readymade garments and other consumer products. The company also engages in real estate activities such as holding, owning, leasing, or licensing properties. PDS Limited operates through segments including sourcing, manufacturing, and others.

Arvind Fashions Ltd

Arvind Fashions Limited, an India-based company, specializes in marketing and distributing branded apparels and accessories. Operating through two geographical segments, India and the Rest of the World, the company and its subsidiaries focus on branded apparel, beauty, and footwear. With a diverse portfolio of owned and licensed international brands like US Polo, Arrow, Flying Machine, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Sephora, Arvind Fashions caters to menswear, womenswear, and kids wear segments. Its retail presence spans over 1,300 standalone stores and approximately 5,000 departmental and multi-brand stores across 192 cities and towns in India.

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