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Karnataka: Following Priyank Kharge's remarks, the BJP alerts Congress to the RSS ban controversy

Basavaraj Bommai, a former chief minister of Karnataka, and Nalin Kumar Kateel, the party's Karnataka unit president, have replied to Congress leader Priyank Kharge's remarks on banning the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Bajrang Dal.

It seems that politics of revenge are more on the agenda than the growth of the state, according to Bommai, who said that the Congress was pursuing them. Nobody can prohibit RSS, he allegedly remarked. Previous efforts of this kind have ended in failure. Those who attempted to outlaw it were exiled.

“I kindly want Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to state your purpose on the prohibition of the RSS or Bajrang Dal in explicit terms. Will you agree with or disagree with your cabinet colleagues? The state's citizens must be informed clearly, Bommai said.

Bommai accused the Congress of'misleading' the people it was seeking to satisfy and said it lacked the authority to do so. Additionally, he said that Congress ministers were making these claims to appease some of the party's supporters while also attempting to intimidate others who supported this worldview.

According to Nalin Kateel, “Priyank Kharge talked of outlawing the RSS. The RSS swayamsevak Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a prominent role. All of us are RSS swayamsevaks. The attempts to outlaw the RSS by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and the Narasimharao administration all failed.

The chief of the BJP in Karnataka allegedly added, “Try to ban Bajrang dal and RSS, Congress will burn to ashes,” to his threat to Kharge and the Congress. It is preferable for Priyank Kharge to be knowledgeable about the nation's past. Priyank Kharge needs to control his language.

Priyank Kharge said what?
The Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge's son, Priyank Kharge, tweeted about the RSS and other political and religious organisations that were causing unrest in Karnataka and threatened to outlaw them.

Additionally, he informed the media that any outfit that tries to promote dissatisfaction and strife in Karnataka would not be permitted, regardless of whether it is religious, political, or social. Be it the Bajrang Dal, PFI, or any other outfit, we will take legal and constitutional action against them. If they pose a danger to Karnataka's law and order, we won't think twice about banning them.

Reports claim that RSS, an institution founded by BJP senior leader Basavaraj Bommai, developed the country. For the last 75 years, it has made its policies and ideals public and trained young people for it.

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