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One in two people think AI will make it possible for hackers to carry out more attacks

<p>According to a recent survey, half of the public (50%) thinks artificial intelligence (AI) would make it possible for hackers to carry out more assaults.</p>
<p>Barracuda Network, a supplier of cloud-enabled security solutions, reports that over 71% of respondents reported having been the victim of a ransomware assault in the previous year, and 61% of them paid the ransom.</p>
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<p>It is essential to engage in proactive monitoring and attack detection to stop the spread of more serious phases, such as ransomware or data exfiltration. Organizations may greatly lessen the effect and expense of these catastrophes by planning for these eventualities in advance, according to Fleming Shi, CTO of Barracuda.</p>
<p>In September 2023, 1,917 IT security professionals in the US (522), UK (372), France (329), Germany (425), and Australia (269) were polled for the research.</p>
<p>The companies represented by the final sample of respondents had between 100 and 5,000 employees.</p>
<p>In addition, the study stated that it typically cost $5.34 million a year to address problems.</p>
<p>The majority of respondents (57%) said that over the previous year, their organizations had experienced one or more cyberattacks.</p>
<p>In the last year, over 48% of respondents said that their companies had a data breach that resulted in the loss of 340,267 unique information on average.</p>
<p>Denial of service (52 percent), phishing/social engineering (48 percent), and credential theft (41 percent) were the three most frequent assault types reported by respondents about their organizations.</p>
<p>Hackers use a similar route, except instead of starting by looking up things to buy, they start by finding thousands of possible targets. Then, according to the research, they go down the funnel to find targets that have weaknesses they can exploit, carry out their assaults, and eventually profit from them.</p>
<p>Although the majority of respondents (54%) said that new strategies for safeguarding the organization would be necessary due to attackers’ greater usage of artificial intelligence (AI) or general artificial intelligence (GenAI), just 39% thought their security infrastructure was sufficiently prepared to fend off GenAI-powered security assaults.</p>

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